A good day

The soccer tournament this weekend got canceled because of the weather, and so Jill and I took advantage of the time to continue the Never Ending Bathroom Renovation™. Our current stage is the framing of the mirrors. Today we bought the trim and quarter round, measured and mitered, and painted the trim. I also installed the toilet paper dispenser. Now the toilet area seems . . . almost civilized.

Right now I’m watching Courageous with Jill and Blake. I don’t care what anyone says, this is a great movie. It deals with one of the biggest problems facing our society these days: the problem of fatherlessness. I think making a movie about that is very, well, courageous.

On another topic: I’ve begun unhooking myself from food through Weight Watchers. It’s only week one but it’s been a very good week. Instead of just eating for eating’s sake, I’m now just eating when I’m hungry (since I’m rationing points daily). I’ve found this makes me very thankful for what I get to eat. That’s a good place to be. That, along with the running I’ve been doing, I feel better than I have in quite awhile.

We’re almost to the scene where the young police officer meets his daughter for the first time. That may be my favorite scene in the entire movie. I love redemption and reconciliation.

Good day. Blessed.