Adding Users

Bloo allows for multi-user blogs, with the following user roles:

Guest - Cannot add or edit posts or pages. Very limited access

Poster - Can add and edit posts and pages, edit and delete single comments, or mark them as spam/troll

Moderator - Same privileges as the Poster, but can also perform mass comment and trackback moderation

Administrator - Phenomenal Cosmic Power. This user can do every function Bloo offers

To add or modify users, go to the Boo administrative panel and select the Users menu option. The following panel will appear. In the example below three users have already been created.

To create a new user, click on the Add User button. The following form will appear (filled in in this example with a new Poster user):

Once the user's information has been filled in, press the Add User button. You will be returned to the user list, as shown below: