Bloo Upgrade Instructions

These instructions apply to upgrading from any previous version of Bloo (starting at version 1.00) to Bloo version 1.35

Upgrade Instructions

  1. It's a pretty good idea to backup your MySql database and all the code in the directory and subdirectories on your webserver where Bloo lives. You don't have to, but depends on if you feel lucky, punk. :-)
  2. Upload all the files in this release to the directory on your webhost where Bloo lives.
  3. Run the bloo.upgrade.php program in the root directory of Bloo on your webhost. You will be asked for the administrator userid and password for your blog, which you should know if you're doing this.
  4. If there are any problems with the upgrade (note: from a database perspective it's non-destructive so you won't lose anything) please note the reported error messages and leave a message on the Bloo Feedback Page.

If you are currently on Bloo version 1.34, you can do a quick upgrade.

You also might find it helpful to visit the Bloo Development Blog.