Creating Your Own Theme

The "theme" of your blog refers to how it looks. Bloo comes with a number of themes in the core release, plus a growing set of downloadable themes that can be found on the Themes blog. You can also create your own theme relatively easily. Here's how.

1. In your administration panel, select the Look and Feel menu option. The following panel will be displayed:

Theme Administration

2. Click on the Create a Theme button. The following panel will be displayed

Create a Theme

3. Fill out the form, including credits for the theme to be shown at the bottom of your blog. It's especially important to select an existing theme to "cascade" from. You can start with one of the delivered themes or one of the "base" themes, which are much more, well, "basic" and a good place to start.

An example of a filled out form is below:

Create a Theme - Filled In

Once you've saved this theme, you can go back to the Theme Panel and select your new theme. If you go back to the front page of your blog, you'll notice that it looks exactly like the theme that you cascaded it from.

So . . . how do you make this theme look like your own theme?. There are several things you can do. One is modifying your overlays. By doing this you can change the way the various sections of your blog are laid out. But the quickest way to modify your blog's "look" is by modifying your new theme's CSS settings (click the link for more information).