Editing Your Sidebar

One aspect of personalizing your blog is changing the content in your sidebar. Below are the steps for editing your sidebar:

  1. Login to the administration panel
  2. Select the "Look and Feel" menu item.
  3. Select the "Overlays" tab
  4. Locate the Page.sidebar overlay (it should be on the page that comes up, in the Custom overlay category).
  5. Select the "Customize" link on the Page.sidebar overlay. This will bring up an overlay customization form. You can customize the Page.sidebar for only your current theme, or for all themes by choosing from the "Valid for Theme" dropdown ("All" themes is recommended.
  6. Press the Customize button once the sidebar is customized. This will save your new sidebar.
If you screw something up: you can deactivate or delete the customized overlay, to return the overlay back to the "factory" (heh) default, by selecting the delete or deactivate link next to the overlay in the Overlays tab.

You can also edit a custom overlay by pressing the Edit link next to the overlay in the Overlays tab.