Extension SnapOns

One important, foundational philosophy in the development of Bloo is the desire to avoid having to create certain areas where new functionality can be "plugged in". Instead, Bloo is built of discreet components called SnapOns. Everything you see is generated by a SnapOn. There aren't any plug-ins, doggonit! It's all SnapOns. The only thing that makes an Extension SnapOn different is that it is located in the extensions subdirectory, rather than the snapons subdirectory, and thus is loaded conditionally (as described below).

In how they are coded and built, extension SnapOns are no different than the Bloo Core SnapOns. They just live in a different directory and, instead of being loaded as needed without question, as the core SnapOns are, extension SnapOns have to be enabled by the administrator. this is done in the SnapOns administration menu, which Bloo Administrators can see.

There are a number of extension SnapOns that come with the bloo distribution when you download the code (see Downloading Bloo). Listed below are the extension SnapOns available in the core Bloo download as of Bloo version 1.35.

General SnapOns

Bloo Quote Manages a list of quotes that can be displayed on either a daily rotation or a "quote of the moment" rotation. The Jack Handy quotes on the Bloo Development Blog are a good example of what a BlooQuote SnapOn generates.
Favorite Posts Manages a list of favorite posts, for display (usually) in the sidebar. These posts are chosen by you, and its a nice way to keep them available even after they've crawled off the page.
Previous Posts Displays links to the 10 most recent previous to the most recent post. Generally you want to put this in the Sidebar.
Popular Posts Displays links to the 10 posts that have received the most comments.
Private Site Activating this SnapOn will make your site private. This means that only logged in users can read your site's content
Reading List Manages a list of books that can be displayed in a "What I'm Reading" list, generally in the sidebar.
Smilies Well, if you're into this sort of thing, the Smilies SnapOn will convert emoticons such as :-), :lol:, etc, into little graphical smilies. New smilies can be added by the administrator.

Bible SnapOns
ESV Daily Passage Displays a daily BIble passage from the ESV Bible site.
Scripturizer This SnapOn enables a javascript that will convert any scriptural reference (such as John 3:16) into a link to the ESV Bible site

Bloo Community Want to create sub-blogs off your blog? Create a community where friends can have blogs without having to know how to upload code, configure databases, etc? Want to be your own private MySpace? Then this is the SnapOn for you.

Feed Readers
Bloo News Receive regular news updates in your administrative panel from Bloo News sites, such as the Bloo Development blog.
Bloogroll Posts Collects and displays recent posts from the RSS feeds of the sites in your Bloogroll. This generally works best if you can enable a cron job on your webhost to do the collection in the background. A good example of a site that does this is Out of the Bloo (see the "View Bloogroll Posts" link in the sidebar).

Image Uploader This is a lightweight, secure image uploader, useful for quickly uploading images to your blog

Contact This allows users of your blog to contact you through a form on the blog, without revealing your email address

Do you hate spam and those who make a living mucking up the internet with it? Me too . . . (well, I don't hate the people, but their actions sure bug me).
Bloo Captcha Enabling this SnapOn will place a Captcha image at the bottom of each comment and require the commenter to enter the Captcha text to prove their human-ness. This is the native Captcha supplied with Bloo
CT Code This is the default spam protection for Bloo. It creates hard to crack codes in comment or trackback submissions that are hard to spoof by the spammers. This spam filter works behind the scenes and doesn't impact legitimate commenters/trackbackers at all.
IP Blacklist This lets you keep a list of IP addresses that you want to prevent from commenting. any comment submitted from a blacklisted IP address gets thrown immediately into Comment/Trackback Moderation.
Lag Time Spam Checker This allows you to set a time limit on posts - any comments or trackbacks coming down the pike on an older post (a common mark of spammers) gets thrown immediately into Comment/Trackback Moderation.
Max Links Spam Filter Spammers love clogging up the works with links to their worthless, evil products. Enabling this SnapOn allows you to limit the number of links a comment can have in it. Any comment with more than the maximum allowed links (by default, three) gets thrown immediately into Comment/Trackback Moderation.
ReCaptcha This is a Captcha service prthat uses Google's ReCaptcha service to help stop spammers. The commenter is required to enter the characters seen in an image before a comment is accepted, thus helping to prevent comments submitted by spamBots. In order for this SnapOn to work, you have to sign up for the reCaptcha service API key to receive a public and private key pair. This key pair must then be entered into this SnapOn's administration panel before the reCaptcha service will display and function. For a Captcha service that doesn't require setup, you might want to just start with Bloo Captcha, described above.
Simple Human Check A favorite. This is a simple SnapOn that just asks a random question of commenters that, in general, only a human can answer. The questions are made up by you. Examples of a Simple Human Check question might be "What is the third word in this sentence?" or "What color is the sky on a clear day?". You can set multiple correct answers. This SnapOn is pretty effective against comment spam, although it does require commenters to answer a question each time they comment.

Spell Checkers
Bloo Comment Spell Checker  This SnapOn inserts a little spell-checker module in the Comments form. The spellchecker is the GoogieSpell spell checker, which contains an interface to Google Spell.
Bloo Post Spell CheckerSame thing, except for posts.

Theme Selector Creates a drop down that you can put in your sidebar if you want to give your visitors the option to select their own theme for your blog

Bloo WIKI Turn your blog into a WIKI! For example, this site is based on the Bloo WIKI SnapOn.

Rich Text Post Editor allows you to create and edit your posts using the TinyMCE rich text editor, rather than coding the HTML yourself. Note: this editor also includes a spell checker and a feature that checks to see if you've made changes before navigating away from the screen. So certain other SnapOns (such as the Bloo Comment and Post Spell Checkers and the Post/Comment Changes Protector) aren't necessary. And, of course, the QuickTags SnapOns aren't needed
Rich Text Comment Editor same as the Rich Text Post Editor, except for Comments.
Post Quick Tagsif you aren't using the Rich Text editor, this SnapOn comes in handy to help you insert HTML tags in your post.
Comment Quick Tagssame as the Post Quick Tags, except for Comments.
Post Changes Protector If you aren't using the Rich Text editor, this SnapOn protects you from navigating away from a post you were editing, thus losing all your changes (ever had that happen? It's a drag . . .)
Comment Changes Protector same as the Post Changes Protector, except for Comments.