Login appears to work, but then takes me back to the login screen

This is a problem that has been experienced by some running Bloo versions 1.20 through 1.22. Here's what happens:

1. You login to your blog. You are presented with the admin panel

2. You click on an admin item, or try to create a post, etc. . ., and are . . .

3. Bounced back to the Login panel!

This can be caused by a bad blog "signature" (in particular, one that was generated with a percent sign in it). This will be fixed in all versions of bloo after version 1.22

In the meantime, this can be fixed as follows:

Run the following SQL in your database:

UPDATE bloo_list
   SET meta_data_02 = 'REPLACE'  
 WHERE type = 'settings.signature'  
   AND member_id = 0  
   AND list_item_id = 1 limit 1

Change the word "REPLACE" above with any random 8-character sequence of letters and numbers. Also, if your list table is not called "bloo_list", replace the table name above with the correct table name

Note: if you are running a community blog and a sub blog is having the problem of not being able to log in, determine their member_id by running this sql:

SELECT meta_data_01 as blog_name
  FROM bloo_list
 WHERE type = 'settings.profile'
   AND member_id > 0
   AND item_name = 'blog_name'

Again, if your list table isn't called bloo_list, replace that above with the correct table name.

Replace that member_id in the first SQL above. Make sure to keep the signature unique for each sub blog.

Many thanks to Mark for discovering this error.