Post Types

The following are valid post types (selected from the Type drop-down when creating a post).

Public: This is the default. It means that the post can be viewed by anyone visiting your blog.

Private: Private posts can only be viewed by logged-in members of your blog. This is handy for things you want to post that you'd like to keep relatively private, or for posting news or other messages just intended for the other posters on a group blog.

Draft: Not every post you write is ready for prime time. Draft posts are only viewable by you, and only from the "Recent Posts" list in the post administration section. A draft post can be worked on over a period of time (days, months, who knows, years) but will never be viewable by the public or even other bloggers/administrators on your blog until you set it to Public or Private.

A note on the display date and time for draft posts: A draft post's display date and time is set to the current time whenever it is taken from Draft to Public or Private. So, even if a draft post was created last week, when you set it to Public it will show the current time for it's post time (unless you've overridden the time on the post).