Being a man

Phil over at Brandywine Books wrote the following about a gift he gave his wife:

When my wife thought we wouldn’t get a digital camera because she and I wanted conflicting things in one, I bought her the simple camera she wanted secretly. She cried after she opened it. I love making her cry like that.

I hope to post from time to time on quotes, actions, etc. I find that demonstrate an aspect of true manhood.

Phil – this is one of them. Well done!

One thought on “Being a man

  1. Yaaaay, Bill! Thanks for posting this quote from Raindream. After meeting him for the first time in person, I went to his site the next day and found that quote. I wanted to post it on thinklings but never got around to it. I’m glad you did. It’s awesome.

    Way to go Raindream. The rest of us men should be a little more like you.

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