Chronological Bible reading plan

For those of you who might be interested, I’ve put a link to the ESV Chronological Bible Reading Plan in the Navbar, under the daily verse.

Out on the ESV blog there is a cool post that visualizes the various Bible reading plans. For example:

The Through the Bible reading plan is about as simple as they come: you read one passage each day from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, starting in Genesis and Matthew in January and ending in Malachi and Revelation in December. Here’s how it looks:

For comparison, here’s the text from the blog and the image for the Chronological reading plan:

The Chronological Reading Plan from Back to the Bible lets you read the Bible in the order in which events occurred. So, for example, you read the account of David and Bathsheba in 2 Samuel on the same day you read the parallel account in 1 Chronicles. The next day, you read the psalms that David composed related to the events in the historical books.

Several trends become apparent when visualizing the reading plan this way:

1. The antiquity of Job.

2. Parallel passages in some of the Old Testament historical books.

3. The wide historical distribution of the Psalms and the Minor Prophets.

4. Parallel passages in the four gospels.

If you’ve resolved to read the Bible more this year, check out the rest of the post; it will give you a good overview of the different reading plans you might choose from.

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5 thoughts on “Chronological Bible reading plan

  1. I did the bible-in-a-year chrono thing over a 15 mo. period (hey – at least I got it done) a couple of years ago.

    It was really interesting – mainly for the reasons you’ve stated. I think my favorite thing about it was reading David’s prayers/praises of the Psalms in the context of his situation. I really enjoyed that. It brought to light more than a simple reading without knowledge of his mindset.

  2. I’m right on schedule **! [Bill starts doing the church lady “Superiority” dance]

    ** Of course, I’ve only been doing the reading plan for 4 days

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