Congratulations, Molly!

This past Saturday, my eldest daughter graduated from high school (Summa Cum Laude!). It was a great weekend of celebration all around for our family.

Saturday night, following the graduation and our excellent El Gallo meal at home, Molly and Andrew put on a short, impromptu concert for the family and extended family, with Molly singing Grace Upon Grace by Sandra McCracken and Faith My Eyes by Caedmon’s Call, accompanied by Andrew on guitar and harmonies. They sound so good together (I hope to get them to record Grace Upon Grace so I can post it). This was followed by an unplanned, unscripted time of blessing and encouragement as a family. Toward the end, Bethany, our younger daughter, stood up and spoke a sweet, tearful tribute to her older sister. Bethany just finished her sophomore year and is turning into a mature young woman so fast. I’m so proud of her and I had so much fun waltzing with her earlier in the night (to a High School Musical song. I’m a fan).

Someone asked me if I had any words to say. I did, of course, but the main thing I remember saying was that I’ve never been happier. I’m so blessed and privileged to be married to Jill and dad to Andrew, Molly, Bethany, and Blake.

Some pictures.

The Graduate. She got to wear all this extra stuff (National Honor Society cowl, Summa Cum Laude and French Honor Society ropes) – well deserved. Molly really worked hard in school.

Molly, with Andrew and Blake. Blake’s not smiling for some reason . . .

. . . so he obviously needed a hug. My nephew Sawyer is also in the pic, to the left.


I love this pic of Molly and Bethany. My niece Macy is also in the picture, to the right.

I don’t have any pictures of it (not that we didn’t take any, I just don’t have them uploaded) but the next day Molly also played piano for about fifty people for her Senior Recital. It was awesome.

Great weekend!

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  1. Great pictures. That’s how to get me to read your blog. I should read it every day. Too busy with bridge and Scrabble:-))

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