Some mindless spam protection

I have upgraded to Bloo build 8. One new feature in this build is the SimpleHumanCheck spam filter. It’s mindless and probably really irritating, but I’m putting it out there as a stopgap because I’m being inundated with spam.

If you leave a comment, you will be asked a question only a human being (in theory) can answer. This is probably pretty easy to crack if some spammer wants to do so, but since I can change the questions around (heh heh) I can stay a step ahead of them.

Note my overconfident air . . . pride goes before the fall, of course. So I’ll probably get swamped.

More intelligent spam filtering is coming.

G’night all!

14 thoughts on “Some mindless spam protection

  1. See!? It protects me from spam and it’s fun too!

    Sort of.

    In the near future I’ll enhance it so that it only kicks in for older posts . . .

  2. i couldn’t be left out of the fun…

    my question “What is the word “golb” spelled backwards?” can i answer that golb is not a word in the english language? am i thinking too much on this one?

  3. uhhh . . . actually . . .

    I like the question thing. It threw me for a loop because I saw it on another post before I read this one.


  4. Well, I’m glad you like it 🙂

    Other, less invasive methods are coming. But the question is completely working, so far. Not one spam since I put it in.

  5. I put in another incremental version of build 8 last night, and promptly hosed both the comments and my spam protection. Got inundated again. But I’m back to good.

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