Update on the development of Bloo

Just a quick update: I haven’t been posting a lot on the development of Bloo but I have been busy on it, as time allows. Version 0.18 is almost done, and it represents a ton of enhancements and improvements to the internal workings of Bloo. I hope to release it soon.

The bigger plan: Sometime toward the end of February I hope to take Bloo public domain! This effort will include at least a modicum of documentation, an install program, and other necessities. I will also be starting up a developer’s blog, and asking for help from any object-oriented PHP devs out there who want to feel that cool Bloo vibe.

My ultimate goal? I dunno. I thought recently that if there’s ever a time when a dozen people I don’t know are happily blogging with Bloo I’ll feel like it’s arrived.

Good things are coming. Watch me for the changes . . .

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