A great day

A great day . . .

A movie with Jill, Bethany, Blake and his friends on his tenth birthday. At Studio Movie Grill, so we got to eat pizza while we watched.

Seeing Bethany both sing and act at her voice recital today. She did a song from Mulan. Truth be told, she wasn’t really up for doing the recital today. But she’s devoted to her craft, and professional about it, so you would have never known. She did great.

Going with Blake to pick out a flower for Bethany to give her after the recital. He helped me choose, and we gave it a decent amount of thought. I bought him a 20oz Sprite at the check out because, hey, it’s his birthday.

Driving to drop off Molly at an ABS party. Well, actually, she drove. And, yes, that’s a good thing, even for this nervous dad. She’s near getting her license and she’s a good driver. We listened to High School Musical 2 on the way. And I listened to it on the way home too. So there.

Watching two shows tonight with Andrew. One was that Tom Brokaw special on 1968. The other was Minority Report on DVD. Andrew and I think a lot alike and have a lot of the same interests, and he’s going to college next fall so every moment together is important to me. Please pray for him.

Reading an email that blessed Molly. She wanted me to read it because it was such an encouragement to her – it came out of the blue and wasn’t expected.

It encouraged me too.

Seeing Blake sleeping in his mother’s arms tonight. He’s ten now, and so this doesn’t happen very often and won’t happen much longer, but Jill insisted tonight. She’s that way, and that’s just one more thing I love about her.

Minority Report reminded me of how thankful I am to God for my kids. If you have seen it you know why I say that.

All our kids are in double digits now.

I just looked at the clock. It’s after midnight. It’s December 16th.

So I’m forty four now.

These are the days!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. – James 1:17

3 thoughts on “A great day

  1. “So I’m forty four now.”

    You are a very blessed man. You have crammed a tremendous amount of memories and happiness into such a few short years. Continue to honor God and you will have the desires of your heart. Happy birthday. Love – papa

  2. Daddy,

    I feel kinda selfish, because after the recital I could’ve been a little happier, its just.. I don’t know.

    But I didn’t really show much gratitude for the flowers, and I know the thought you put into it.

    I love you, and I loved the flowers… and I feel bad for not being thankful for them when yall gave them to me.

    But thanks!

    I love you (:

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