Alpha release of Bloo!

Well, the deed is finally done. Bloo version 1.0 alpha is now out in the public domain.

Please motor over to the developer’s blog for more information. Sorry about the boring theme over there – I haven’t had time to create any new ones.

And I just found a bug. A spin of the nerd-propeller beanie to the first person who figures it out (note: it’s a bug on the new version of the software. The version you’re looking at is older and without the bug. Go figure).

I’m sleepy . . .

7 thoughts on “Alpha release of Bloo!

  1. i honestly have to say…i don’t really get what bloo is, or what it means when you say it’s out for the public domain now, or most anything that has to do with software and all that stuff…

    but i can say, that i’ve faithfully read every entry you’ve posted on the subject…so don’t think you’re so much of a nerd…

    because, duh.

    you’re TOTALLY not.


  2. Hey Bill I thought I’d say hi and say how much I miss you. Also I desire to have some lengthy dialog with you involving all things spiritial and social! Have a wonderful day. A.Cot

  3. Well I have to work up here in College Station during the break. I plan on coming back for a day but it will probably be spent with an my friends family who’s Egyptian as I further my education on the Arabic language. Also recording my newest songs for a demo. E-mail me cause I always misplace this blog and have to track it down. But I’m sure there will be some time in the break that I can chat. much love Bill. <3Andy!

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