Ashira l’adonai

Ashira l’adonai ki ga’oh ga’ah

I will sing unto Adonai for He has triumphed gloriously

Ashira l’adonai ki ga’oh ga’ah

I will sing unto Adonai for He has triumphed gloriously

Michamocha, ba-elim adonai

Who is like You, O Adondai, among the gods?

Michamocha nedar-bakodesh

Who is like You, glorious in holiness?

Nachitah v’chasd’cha, am zu ga’alta

In Your mercy, you lead the people You redeemed

Nachitah v’chasd’cha, am zu gaalta

In Your mercy, you lead the people You redeemed

Ashira, Ashira, Ashira…

I will sing, I will sing, I will sing…

15 thoughts on “Ashira l’adonai

  1. i love this song its beautiful i heard it when it came out on the prince of egypt and it always touches me when i hear it i get goosebumps all over. I am a full blooded catholic and a big believer in god so this song how it is over 3000 years old and is still as powerful as it was back then and this whole story of moses and how he led his people out of slavery and into freedom is absolutely amazing i LOVE it thank you for posting these lyrics its such a beautiful and meaningful song and story GOD BLESS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    • I am a Christian and this song elevates my soul as well. We need more of this in the world. I am so happy this song can elevate so many souls across religions. Peace be with you Khadija. Sending prayer and love to you and your family.

  2. No, Jeff. It’s Hebrew for the Lord. When I heard ashira in the song I thought it was saying “Rich and wealthy is the Lord” because asheer means rich in Hebrew.

  3. wao!wao!its tremendous.thank u for posting this.d story of prince of Egypt always make me to know how badly, bloodily and richely powerful pur GOD proud i belong to GOD i can mess up devil’s plan anyhow tru SWEET BROTHER JESUS GOD SON.if one dont belive in JSUS i dont know how dt person is trying to have life tho he lives.thank u sweethrt for the lyrics.

  4. prince of egypt isn’t actually disney, it’s dreamworks. but yeah, i’m pretty sure stephen schwartz did write the melody.

    i love this song sooo much even though i don’t really like the movie.

  5. this song is part of the liturgy of a traditional jewish service, we sing it at least twice during shabbat morning service depending upon a few variables.

    There are many different melodies, this one may be written by schwartz, but it may also be a traditional melody that I just have never heard (our congregation sings another tune.)

  6. The 2 months old baby in my womb named after i watched this movie. I named her “Miracle Ashira” (Miracle, came from the song When You Believe plus my real name is Mirasol, it somehow rhyme i think and Ashira from this song) without even knowing her gender because she’s just 2 months old then. I know to my self that she’s going to be a girl and i claimed it. And after 7 more months, i gave birth to a baby girl! I was right from the very beginning! Hail to the King whose taking care of my little girl now. She passed away at 16 months old. Lord knows how i missed her so. Thank you for letting me feel how to love and be loved by a borrowed angel. Thank you so much for her Lord God.

  7. We sang this song in my Hebrew seminary class before “Prince of Egypt” came out. I think it’s one of the traditional Jewish melodies. Was really awesome to go see the movie, when it came out, and I could quietly sing along. My wife thought I was weird. She still does.

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