Take your kid to blog day

well its take your kid to blog day so im gonna write on this blog. im bills 3rd oldest child and i love theatre and music. currently my dad is teaching me the guitar and i’ve been playing piano for about 3 years. today i just started voice lessons and hopefully i’ll get better at that. so i am totally musiced out! i love to write and sing and act and dance and draw. all of the arts. well thats a little about me. not much has been going on in my life. i just started 8th grade and its really different. most of my teacheres are cool and all but like not really all of them. Yo tomo espanol dos. translation: I take spanish two. its pretty easy right now. basically we’re just reviewing. but very annoying people sit near me. oh well. im currently and almost finished reading uglies-a book by scott westerfeild. its really good. i am very entertained easily and i LOVE to laugh. im kinda shy at first but then when you really get to know me im not. so yeahh

my family is great. they crack me up. i love my family. each and every one of them. and my friends. they rock. junior high is a blast with my friends. i don’t want to leave arnold. even though its really ghetto. but like- im in A.L.O.T.T. [arnold leaders of today and tomorrow] and we basically help the sixth graders and our the leaders of the school. im playing volleyball and am shooting for the A team but don’t think i want or am gonna make it. life at home seems at lot easier for me then it does for others and like i feel very fourtunate that im happy to go home. yes anyways. well yes. i must be going. i would write more but not much to say and no time.

The future writer-