Band Party!

Tonight the band I worked with last year had a final reunion party. I say “final” because I have a feeling we will never all be together again, at least not for a long while. That makes me sad, because we went through so much together last year and became a true family and it’s hard to see that end. But such is the way of life on this earth. These times are a preview of the days when my own kids will grow up and go away. That’s not something I’m ready for!

The party was fun. We played our traditional Taboo and Balderdash, drank IBC rootbeer, and talked and laughed and just enjoyed being with each other. Our student ministers Randy and Jeremy joined us to make the party that much better.

On nights like tonight I am painfully reminded that it is hard to be away from people who mean a lot to you. In our lives we move to new places, scatter over the face of the earth, leave the familiar and drive to the unknown. We fall out of touch. In addition, as the oldest person (by far) in this group I always feel just slightly behind. The cultural references pass me by. Tonight I learned what a “facebook” is, for instance. πŸ™‚ Fascinating!

It’s easy to feel like a square peg in a round hole. Work with students as an older adult for a while and you will recognize this feeling. But I also know that really, as believers, none of us “belongs”. Not here. We long for a heavenly home, the place where we “fit”. Though I’ve been blessed beyond blessing here on earth with all I ever could have wanted and even more – my best friend and wife Jill, our four children, shelter, income, food, and treasured friends such as these – it dawns on me that I’ve been looking for the place Jesus is preparing for me all my life. My very flesh groans for it. To be with Him, that is Heaven!

I’d go in a second given the opportunity. To have my brokenness fixed, once and for all, and to be able to finally worship our Lord fully and with no guile, no pretense, and nothing held back . . . wow!

To be, finally, in that place where you never have to say goodbye . . .

But I remain here, in the struggle, in the joys and pains and weariness of this mortal life on our broken earth and in this broken body. And I accept that with joy. God has been very gentle with me, really, and has made my path very easy.

β€œLet not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.”

– John 14:1-3 (ESV)

Below are some shots from the party. These people are precious to me – darn it, I miss them!

left to right: Jeremy, Randy, Joey, Brad, Kevo, with Mego and Kelso hugging


A bad smell (but not really – and no, Brad, it wasn’t Kelsey) . . .

Sad . . . Mego is distraught and Kevin has decided to drown his sorrows in IBC.

24 thoughts on “Band Party!

  1. we should have an “every band” reunion day.

    i miss band people.

    i miss you mb!

    band parties were fun.

    i kinda feel weird about them now.

    sorry i didn’t finish as strong as i would have liked. my fault. i’m low.

    love you mb!

  2. Kate,

    I agree – an “every band” reunion thing would be cool.

    Love you and miss you too. I wish you didn’t feel low. I’m proud of you, Kate!

  3. YEAH!

    Cool post MB. Thanks for being the all-time coolest pic taker.

    KG!!! No low! No low! Say it ain’t so!

    Here’s prayin that you’ll be a bit higher next time you read this . . .

  4. Gosh, you guys are incredible…and yeah, it would be so great to get together with grant and kate and everyone all over again…ah, good times…

    Thanks, mego, for organizing. It was incredible!!

  5. how bout just a plain old reunion party for those of us who aren’t quite as musicly gifted? lol! or better yet, A HOW TO BE A BETTER GUY CLASS PARTY!!!

    rock on.

    but anyway, mr. bill, i can’t really identify with how u feel about being older than everyone and feeling behind the times, but one of these days maybe i will feel like that and i’ll think “oh so that’s what mr. bill was talking about!” but if it’s any consolation, the way that we’ve always looked at u is another really great friend, who happens to have lived longer than us, and gained alot more insight to share than we have. i know alot of us go even further than that and would say that your like a father. alot of us don’t very often have very encouraging adult figures in our lives, so it means a LOT when someone like u is just plain there for us. thanks for EVERYTHING!

  6. Adam,

    I’ve decided that God has appointed you as my internet encourager. πŸ™‚ You always have the right word to say at just the right time, anytime I’m feeling a little bit down.

    Thanks! You are a great guy, Adam!

  7. I’ve had one cry, and I’ve got several more to come. I am astounded by the love I have for all of you, b/c I feel like I could burst and leaving is the hardest thing I will have ever done. Such a bittersweet feeling, very strange. I long to be in Seattle, b/c I know that’s what God wants me to do. My heart is already breaking over this very same matter. It is overwhelming, and I desperately need God’s strength to lead me right now. I must press on.

  8. you’re so awesome Brad!!!

    it’s inspirational the way you answer God’s calling with faith like Abraham. just remember that, even though it was hard to leave, Abraham was called to go to the promise land!

    “Blessed are those who persevere, for they will recieve the crown of life”- i don’t know exactly what that verse means by ‘crown of life,’ but i do know that whatever it is, it’s something precious givin by God, and know you’ll get that affirmation from Jesus for your perseverance! eye on the prize!!! i’ll be praying for you!!!

    PS-one thing that makes me really joyful about looking at those pictures is that i can look at them and say, “these are all people who will one day by filled with joy in God’s kingdom, and once they get there, they will never again experience pain or sorrow.” it’s funny how, when God makes u fall in love with people, u start to want the same things for them that He does. I love you, and i know your life is going to be a very pleasing sacrifice to God. thank you for everything.

  9. one point. ONE STINKING POINT!!! and its all your fault, mr bill. ahhhahahahaha jaykay im so happy i did so well in balderdash…im never clever enough to make answers that people vote for. i must have been my drunken rootbeer rage ;). i cant wait until we all get to hang out again wooo!

    and adam…its so hard to imagine how awesome heavens gonna be like goshhhhh! the bible says that like the worst pain and sorrow here is completely nothing and insignificant compared to the sheer amount of joy in heaven. dudeeee im there haha.

    bradley james ahhhh. were all gonna miss you like crazy. your obedience is something i mos def admire though. wowsers. youll be in plenty good company to watch texas football with though heh.

    mr billio – next time i hear you call yourself a dumb old man im gonna be obligated to punch you in the face :). you were most certainly the only one to catch my planes trains reference at the party tee hee. ive learned a lot from you and i can guarntee i wouldnt be leading no band if it werent for the 2 years i got to spend in it w/ you! super cool

    welp…cya later!

  10. and yes an “all band” reunion would be cool…bring james and kate face and grant and everyone back thatd be super neat. and a better guy reunion would be cool too haha. so many reuinions to keep track of πŸ™‚

  11. I will never forgive myself, Kevo, for voting for “seclusive old man” instead of “toilet bowl salesman” . . .

    [Bill falls to his knees, spreads his arms toward heaven, and cries out]


  12. i tugged on your heartstrings with “seclusive old man”… i knew my demographic!

    whoa, total JK!

    kevin, sorry man…. it’s just a game!

  13. What kills me is my gut instinct was “Toilet bowl salesman”. I was not very clutch at the end of the game there.

    It was probably my last chance to come in anything above last place in a band balderdash party. And I blew it.

    I think I’m going to become a seclusive old man . . .

  14. its just a game my friends.

    Who am i kidding… balderdash is everything.. i have failed.. at the one thing i was once good at. what ever shall i do with my life now… maybe i should just wallow in self pity… hmm..

    no but really funnest game of my life.. and it never gets old.. !!! SOOO much looove!

  15. one thing you were “once good at”?

    You ROCK at Balderdash! You should have won! I think Jeremy cheated.

    In fact, I’m going to declare you the winner right now.

    Everyone: Mego really won that game.

    Case closed πŸ™‚

  16. why i oughta….

    the ONLY thing i claimed to be that night was “not a cheater.” and i meant it. ANNNNDDD kevin got second… not mego. sounds like bill is the cheater here, eh?

    i think megan is a balderdash purist and enjoys the challenge.

    bill, maybe we could play “computer programmingdash” and then you could not get last place.

  17. We could probably play “punchstrokeinthefacedash” and I wouldn’t get in last place either.


    For the record, I wasn’t in last place. I was in fourth place. Get it right.

  18. bill, threatening me with violence? how Wild At Heart of you. is that part of the “better guy” curriculum?

    i didn’t wanna grant you first place in programming because of joey the young padiwan programmer. he has a letter jacket in it, ya know? soo, instead of saying you’d get first, i said “not last.”

    “For the record, I wasn’t in last place. I was in fourth place. Get it right.

    ok… just like kevin got second, not mego.

    it’s almost not even fun being the bane of your chivalrous facade anymore, bill. you really need to sharpen up!

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