Being fair

As a parent of multiple children, you should never promise your kids that you’ll always be fair. It’s impossible.

You will be unfair. It’s just like grace – grace is unfair too. Just do your best to spread the unfairness around equally.

3 thoughts on “Being fair

  1. Hey Quaid

    You’re not being nosy. And, no, this was not based on any specific real-world scenario. It’s just something that crossed my mind. I was thinking about grace, actually . . .

    As a parent of multiple kids, it is impossible to be fair. So it’s good not to promise that. But rather than making it a negative, it’s a positive. It means that you will, from time to time, bless one of your children specially. It’s good to do that (take them out on a “daddy-date”, bring them home a surprise, etc) – it’s not fair, but as long as you do your best to spread the “positive unfairness” around evenly, it’s cool

    And it helps us learn about grace . . . 🙂

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