Bloo release 1.00.a.002

I will refrain from many more technical/geek posts, but I will ping you with news regarding the development of Bloo as things develop. I won’t wax eloquent about Bloo anymore in this space, as I now have a Bloo Development Blog where I can do that. And there was much rejoicing!

Also, due to a rising clamor, I think I need to explain just what Bloo is, as a vast majority of the three people who still read this blog have been cocking inquisitive snooks at me about what the heck I am blathering on about. Simply put, Bloo is the software I have written that runs this blog. I put it in the Public domain (meaning: I have made the source code publicly available) and have it out in a SourceForge project as well. For more info, check out the Bloo wiki, which is my growing repository of information on all things bloo.

Now, to the latest Bloo news: I released the second alpha build last night. It fixed a few glaring and dumb errors.

Good night all.

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