Bloogroll Posts!

As you may already know, there are some excellent blogs represented in my bloogroll.

And, now that I’ve upgraded Bloo to alpha build 9, it’s easier than ever for you to check them out. Just click on the “View Bloogroll Posts” in the sidebar and you’ll see the latest 30 posts from bloggers in my bloogroll. Which is a lot cooler than reading what I write! And who knows? You might see something you just wrote.

I’m seriously pumped about this enhancement. It took awhile to get it the way I wanted it. But I’m finally there.

Go ahead and click that link. C’mon, you know you want to!

(to my alpha testers – I’ll be rolling this release out in the next few days, after I’ve kicked the tires a bit. We’re about to go beta!)

8 thoughts on “Bloogroll Posts!

  1. Thanks Blest

    Well, I don’t know about that. Other blogs (like livejournal) have similar features. Although they only do it with other livejournal users.

    But RSS is universal, so I figured “what the hay”. 🙂

    This will make it way easier for me to keep up with what ya’ll are writing

  2. I’ll nee to look from home. I can’t see Shizuka here at work (blocked). If you’ve updated it should be coming over, but some of the RSS feeds don’t properly update their publication date – and until that changes I don’t know they’ve changed.

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