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I think I could learn a lot from this guy. This post is absolutely beautiful.

What I saw in Bob was evangelism by actions as well as words. He treated these men, with their calloused hands, lice filled hair, and beer-stinking clothes with dignity and respect. They had names. They even had families. They had senses of humor. I watched them respond to Bob and learned to do the same. Bob went to be with Jesus last year but I owe him a great debt.

Finally, I began to meet international students at Portland State University. There were dozens of them, mostly from West Africa and the Middle East. They were very open to talk about religion too. What an education — to learn to explain the Gospel to people from a different culture and to learn from them as well.

I was beginning to see the Holy Spirit tear down my prejudice and pride toward unbelievers. I was beginning to like these people –to enjoy their quirks, to tease them, to learn from them. They were people who responded well when they were loved sincerely and loyally and treated with respect. I was also seeing that the word “lost” was more than theological. There were indications of being alienated from God in their lives — in their experience of themselves. It was darkness.

My experience in learning to seek the lost would become a powerful shaping instrument in my life.

I’ve got a long, long way to go.

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