I can’t believe I’m doing this . . .

I just activated a new SnapOn I’ve written – it’s the Smilies SnapOn.

I’m doing it for Jen.

I’m only going to leave it on for a day. And I know it’s spelled wrong (should be “smileys”) but I’m leaving it the way it is out of pique. Because cute smileys make me want to do this:


Just kidding . . . (sort of)


18 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m doing this . . .

  1. haha spell check. lol. i love you daddy. umm i like smileys they rock. especiallly talking ones. lol. but dont listen to me.


  2. Fred, thanks!

    Milly – well, it’s part of the Bloo blog software that I’m writing (and that you are reading and using at the moment). So you’d have to switch to this.

    I’m all ears if you’re interested. 🙂

  3. You’re welcome

    I’ve already turned them off, so your 😀 didn’t show up. But check Whiny Complaints (and email me if you have questions on that too 🙂

  4. Wow. Those’re AWESOME. I’m not against smilies per se adn use them from time to time because emails/blog posts lack a degree of nuance that the human voice has. Perhaps if I were a better writer? Naaah.

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