New Theme – Pure

I’ve rolled out a new theme called “Pure” – what do you think?. This is yet another cannibalized WordPress theme. I kind of dig it (for now anyway).

This theme was created over at Celestial Star. I still need to contact them regarding this port to Bloo, although they allow free downloads of the WordPress version so I’m hopeful they won’t mind me using the ported Bloo version here.

Once I have their permission, I’ll roll it out on the Bloo Themes blog (although I may delay a bit because to work well this theme requires some theme fixes coming out in Bloo version 1.00).

Update – They gave me permission.

4 thoughts on “New Theme – Pure

  1. Yeah, you need to be a bit secure in your manhood to use this one. But I have to have themes for Bloo that go across the spectrum. I’m taking one for the team here . . .

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