Outback Conversion

An awesome thing just happened, and it was very appropriate for Easter. This afternoon we were eating lunch at Outback steakhouse following our Easter services. Midway through the meal our youngest, Blake, told me that he wanted to ask God into his heart.

Right then I had Blake come sit between Jill and I and we prayed together, and he thanked God for forgiving him, for dying on the cross, and he asked Jesus to come into his life and be his Lord. So cool!

We have always tried to be careful when it comes to our children’s steps toward Christ – never discouraging those steps but maintaining good discernment. For instance, Blake was evangelized by his older sister a year or two ago in the back of our minivan, and he “prayed the prayer” then, but in recent talks with him I know that he really didn’t understand what he was doing at that time. I believe that now Blake is ready (he is seven). We will of course be watching and praying through this time as we walk Blake through these early stages of his relationship with Christ.

God is so good. Jill and I were needing encouragement in such a big way, and God gave us that through Blake and his simple profession of faith.

He is risen!

7 thoughts on “Outback Conversion

  1. OK, Bill…this is too cool! What an exciting thing to happen on Easter Sunday!

    And major props on your new blog…I’ve added it to the Gazette’s blogroll, in the Neighborhood, of course! 😉

    (Gee…3 sentences…3 exclamation marks! No, 4! Umm…)

  2. Bill, it was a blessing to be present with you when Blake came to his Dad and made his biggest statement of his young life.

    What a glorious time. I was honored to be present. Outback has long been my favorite resturant but now it is “special”. Maybe we will have to ask for that same booth each time we go back.

    I’m glad you are doing this blog. It’s the coolest. I’ve already seen some comments (scripture) I want to use already.

    Thanks Bill.

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