Pick a way already

I face either/or decisions frequently. On the really big ones I have a bad habit of kicking the can down the road.

I’m currently considering working toward a post grad degree. There are two ways to go.

When I’m finally done with day-job I have a desire to become a community college professor. I also love history. So one of my options is to get a masters in history and see if that would be enough to get a position at Lone Star.

My other option is seminary.

I also need to keep taking random undergrad courses at Lone Star so I can be part of the Core.

I also only have 24 hours in the day.

I’m wanting to push through to a decision and commitment because of the incessant pull of the aforementioned tried-but-not-so-true kick the can down the road methodology that will keep me mulling this decision until I’m 80.

Praying for wisdom.


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