Plans for Bloo v 0.11

I hope to release version 0.11 of Bloo in the next few days. Below are the features that will be added in this release, if I stick to plans:

  • Improvements internally in the object structure
  • Slight improvements in security and some beginnings of comment protection
  • Post archive links
  • A “View Recent Commentary” link
  • Some improvements in the overall formatting
  • Display of the comment author URL when displaying comments
  • Pinging of Weblogs (man! I need this – no one notices me now . . .)

It’s not a major release – really it just contains features I wanted to have ready when I first brought this humble little blog into the light, but that I didn’t get done in time.

Bloo v 0.11 – coming soon. Watch me for the changes . . .

6 thoughts on “Plans for Bloo v 0.11

  1. Yeah, the pinging thing is key for me as a reader. I’ll be very happy to see that “speaking!” note next to your link.

    Still want to be undercover or are you ready for some press?

  2. Thanks Jen

    Let me get 0.11 out first (I’m hoping for the weekend – we’ll see) – I’ve been waiting for the darn Thinklings to notice me – heh

    I’ll let you know – thanks!

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