Paul’s preparation

Found this gem tonight on Ligonier:

It has often been remarked that Paul clearly implied that he spent three years being taught by Jesus Himself (Galatians 1:12), either directly or (perhaps more likely) through the study of the Word. Thus, like the other apostles, Paul studied with Christ for three years before beginning his ministry (compare Acts 1:21).

Emphasis mine.

I had never noticed that before!


Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody rockgrass cover by Hayseed Dixie.

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Moleskine art

Do you use Moleskineâ„¢ notebooks? They’ve become somewhat of a fad in my immediate family. Me, my wife, and our eldest two walk around with our moleskines like we’re in some kind of secret society or something (it would be a society of people who blow money on really, really expensive notebooks).

Anyway, I found this site tonight: ‘skine art. It’s devoted to people who can do more with a notebook than just scratch illegible notes in it1. Some samples below.

Disclaimer: This is an art site so I can’t vouch that every picture scribbled therein is for family consumption.

Update: It appears the site has barriers in place against linking to its images, so I’ve removed the images below (which had blanked out anyway). You can check the site out here.

1 Unfortunately, that’s all I can do . . .

Follow the Apollo 11 Mission

I cannot even explain how geeked out I am over this!

The historic Apollo 11 mission launched on this day forty years ago. You can follow the mission in real time (minus exactly forty years). They are orbiting the earth right now. Trans-lunar injection in about 89 minutes.

I’ve got the audio on so I can listen to the back and forth between Mission Control and the crew.


My daughter, the PopStar!

My daughter, Bethany, is in her freshman year of high school. Also attending her school is a young actor named Tony Oller, who stars in the Disney short series “As the Bell Rings”. Throughout this first semester Bethany got to know Tony a bit (they say hi in the halls, are MySpace friends, etc)

Today we got a fun surprise. Bethany was a bit shy about telling us this, but it turns out that awhile ago she sent a picture of herself and Tony to PopStar!â„¢ magazine as part of a contest.

And, wouldn’t you know it – if you know Beth, this is no surprise, actually :-) – here she is, right on page 32 (I scanned this in tonight).


And here’s the magazine cover.

“God bless all of you – all of you on the good Earth.”

The earth, as seen from Apollo 8For some time, I’ve been a student of the history of America’s space program. I am fascinated by the early, heady days of the 1960s and early 1970s, when we reached out to the moon and actually managed to land men there and bring them back home safely.

Time CoverOne of the most fascinating journeys of project Apollo was the Christmas voyage of Apollo 8. This mission accomplished something never before even attempted: it was the first time men had flown to the moon and achieved an orbit around the moon. This was an incredibly brave and gutsy thing to try, and the three astronauts aboard Apollo 8, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders, were voted Time Magazine’s Men of the Year in 1968.

I’m impressed, at times, when reading these histories, at the cultural differences between that time and our own. One good example of this is the way the Apollo 8 astronauts read some text from Genesis 1 back to earth on Christmas Eve. You can give it a listen at the YouTube below:

Reportedly, Dr. Thomas Paine, NASA administrator, said that the mission was “a triumph of the squares, the guys with computers and slide rules who read the Bible on Christmas Eve.” Heh

This wasn’t the only example of religious observance in space. Commander Frank Borman of the aforementioned Apollo 8 mission was also a lay-reader at his church and was scheduled that weekend to read prayers in the service, so, during the third of ten orbits around the moon, the following occurred:

During the third pass, Borman read a small prayer for his church, as he was meant to lay read during the Midnight service at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church near Seabrook, Texas, but due to the Apollo 8 flight was unable. A fellow parishioner and engineer at Mission Control, Rod Rose, suggested that Borman read the prayer which could be recorded and then replayed during the service.

In addition, Buzz Aldrin, on the historic Apollo 11 mission, took communion in the lunar module after it landed in the Sea of Tranquility on the moon.

I think that’s pretty cool.

“Let me go ahead and get things straight . . .”

The following is from the Live Journal of Kevo, my good friend, former band-mate, and all around great guy. He's away at College now and he's learned a few things. If you're in College please read this – there is wisdom here and I couldn't have said it any better myself:

one thing i discovered about being away at college is how easy it is to get away with stuff. or to think youre getting away with stuff. towards the beginning i was starting to get really lazy w/ reading my bible just turning to some random chapter out in netherworld and reading it before going to bed without really caring to even make sense of it. but thankfully i was able to realize i was being an idiot so i made a calendar to where i'll read all of the bible in 6 months. at the rate im going itll probably be more like 8 months but the purpose is being served…to have a plan where i am intentional about reading my bible in a meaningful way and keeping up with it. i now know why it seems like so many people fall off the face of the planet as soon as they go to college when they were so passionate about God in high school…its so easy. you just want to "be your own person" and "live your own life" because youre away now and nothing is really holding you back. well let me go ahead and get things straight because thats a load of crap. the truth is God bought you at a price. of all the away at college lessons to be learned, that by far is the most important one. [Emphasis mine]

I just had to post this excerpt. I wish more students would "get" this early on in their post-high school lives.

And the rest of Kevin's post is great (and hilarious!). He's an awesome guy.