Take it to the limit

Had a crazy (good, but crazy) day at work. I found myself suddenly very understaffed. In addition I was also sick, and the price of the product we produce has gone over a cliff and down a very deep hole. I came home and spent the evening finishing up unfinished office work while sneezing like a banshee.

Then I heard that Glenn Frey has passed away. We’ve certainly lost a couple of classic rockers here in the past few days.

This song (footage below from a 1977 concert) was co-written by Frey, Don Henley (on the drums) and Randy Meisner (vocals and bass). Glenn is the guy on the keyboard with the excellent Fu-Manchu. The guys were all so young. And so, so good.

Take it to the limit may have been the first Eagles song I was aware of as a kid, and it’s always been my favorite. Such a sense of longing and searching in this one.

Rest in peace Glenn Frey.

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