The scandal of grace

I can’t think of anyone who writes about grace better than Jared these days.

The following is from an excellent post he wrote a few days ago: The Scandal of Grace:

Isn’t that completely illogical? What weirdos this following Jesus thing makes us. C.S. Lewis was once asked what the main difference between Christianity and all other religions was, and he answered, “Oh, that’s easy — grace.”

Grace isn’t just amazing; it’s ridiculous. It’s revolutionary to our thoughts and feelings. It humbles the powerful and empowers the humble.

Jesus didn’t die so you could learn how to be a better person. He died because you can’t be. (That’s grace offending your sensibilities right now.)

The grace of Jesus is a foolishness that, when believed, brings power to save (1 Cor. 1:18).

Grace is that bizarre missing ingredient that mucks up all human foibles, flaws, and fears. Grace is the thing that turns lives upside down. It is a sweet, beautiful irritant.

Grace is scandalous. It makes murderers into apostles, it makes victims into forgivers. It takes “never the twain shall meet” and makes “reunited and it feels so good.” 😉

Have you been scandalized by grace lately? Has Jesus shocked you through someone’s granting grace to you?

When was the last time you offended someone’s expectations by extending grace to them?

That last question is a very good one.

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4 thoughts on “The scandal of grace

  1. Well, it’s like I’ve said – your writing on the church, grace, etc. is so good. I was talking to Jill about this today – I wish you’d write a book on the subject! 🙂

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