The weekend

I’ve been home this weekend with three of our four kids, while my better half has been off with her best girlfriends, top-down to Galveston for Forty Hours of Fun. They all took off wearing Thelma and Louise scarfs and white sunglasses. Heh.

I miss her! She is theoretically getting back home tonight, unless she’s just having too much fun!

My oldest daughter is on a mission trip to Seattle to help out with the church plant called The Journey. Pray for them – it’s going to be a busy week but I’m praying God will really work through them up there.

Daughter number two is sitting at her computer singing along with Eisley. It sounds good 🙂 Yesterday she and my youngest son and I went to Mountasia to play putt-putt. It was fabulous and fun.

Speaking of my youngest son, I’m about to take him to soccer practice. He rocks at that game!

And I’m sitting here listening to my oldest son play my venerable old Guild guitar (it is 24 years old, from before the Fender buy-out – excellent) and realizing, with a pleasure only a dad can know, that he is now officially better than me.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been good!

5 thoughts on “The weekend

  1. Man, I miss you guys!! I’ve been sitting here reading your blogs and realizing how much I’ve lost touch w/ ya’ll. Even though we rarely talk anymore, you both will ALWAYS hold a very special place in my heart. Wish I could have been there for Jill and I to celebrate our birthday’s together. That would have been awesome.

    I talked w/ Robert Brittenham back a few months ago. His Dad died in April a year ago. I think it was cancer. But he’s doing well. In management now with Old Navy. Works at a coroporate office for them. Still lives in Albquerque.

    I’m planning on flying to L.A. in a few weeks, but haven’t bought my ticket yet. Maybe I’ll plan a layover in Houston so I can see you guys. OR… .you all should plan a vacation to Tennessee!!

    We just got through having a great week with our Students. Had 30 kids get saved! It was awesome, but I’m exhausted, now.

    Hope Jill had fun on her trip. I want to hear about it.

    Love and miss you guys. Send me pictures!


  2. Thanks Bill for being a great son-in-law, husband, father, provider, friend, web-monkey, son, brother, christian, musician, teacher, citizen, and deciple. You are appreciated, respected and loved by all who really know you.

    I know you missed Jill but also that you enjoyed being mom/dad to your precious kids and my precious grandkids.

  3. Nellie!

    Wow – we miss you. Happy Birthday! (By the way, for anyone reading this, Nellie introduced me to my wife, way back when in Glorietta)

    Papa – thanks.

  4. I’m not sure I buy the better than Bill comment. Maybe we could arrange a 249 guitar face-off.

    You could exchange ear-splitting riffs until one can go no more.

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