Three chapters, five verses

. . . The universe waited expectantly, although the LORD already knew . . .

Between Genesis 3:5 and 3:6 a fork in the road was chosen and trod; a choice and steps that could not be retraced. The entire history of our race has been one of trying to get back those footfalls. Our fig-leaf coverings and hide and seek games with God offer no remedy.

Only he can cover us, and only the golden expanse of the mercy seat sprinkled with his own blood can heal our brokenness and appease the justice and holiness with which he governs the universe.

Thank you Lord for not abandoning us to our self-inflicted catastrophe.

And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.

– Genesis 3:21

5 thoughts on “Three chapters, five verses

  1. I work down town, I arrive at dawn. I see homeless people. I just started this job last week. This morning was fresh, crisp, and beautiful. As I stood outside breathing fresh air before work I wondered what catastrophe had brought the man in the torn dirty garb to a place of homelessness. I am thankful for the clean cloths.

  2. Thank you for your comment tonight. I was actually in the middle of writing a new post when my email beeped with your comment. It reminded me that this journey is one shared by many, and it was amazingly powerful to see your offered prayer in response to a pain that I wasn’t sure I could escape.

    God has been overwhelmingly quick and potent in His response to my cry for help as well, and that is what I wrote about tonight. I’m not “there” by any means – nor do I expect that I will be “arriving” in this lifetime – but I am standing again, and I will continue my journey with Christ. Thank you again for your words tonight. They offered peace I didn’t expect to find.

    Oh, and cool blog software. I used to do a little programming myself. It’s intense stuff…

  3. The Fall of Man this past Sunday . . . hmmmm . . . sounds familiar 🙂

    Totally cool Bill! In 249, I took Ro 3:23 and contrasted it with the Is 43:7 concept that we are created for God’s Glory.

    I might should have spent some time on the Mercy thing, but instead pointed toward Christ as the only answer. Still, I never thought that the “Nature of Man” would produce such an interesting and personally inspiring Sunday.

    I like this post . . .

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