Weak, and needing deliverance

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses . . . – Hebrews 4:15a

Today my own weakness and inability to fix what ails me and those around me is at the forefront of my mind. I need deliverance and the hope of the Savior.

I always need His rescue. Always have. It’s just that I don’t always realize it.

Today I do.

Below is the final portion of the iMonk’s latest Advent post. I’m formatting it below like the poetry that it is (and, of course, you should go read the whole thing).

The Mood of Advent: We All Need A Savior

When the day dawns

let us all receive him

We go to the manger and worship

We give to him our gifts

We take his light to the poor

Until then, we are the poor

the weak

the blind

the lonely

the guilty

and the desperate

We light candles

because we who are in darkness

are in need

of a great light

We need a savior

So we wait amidst the ruins

we protect the lights we hold

in hope

We sing to one who is coming

We look and wonder

We pray for his star to take us

once again

to the miracle

Come, Lord Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Weak, and needing deliverance

  1. I had read Imonk’s post first and like you I was greatly blessed. But your formatting his words as poetry has made them “stand out” with even greater brightness (like a candle in the darkness). Thanks you so much.

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