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Robin, from the excellent Write Thinking:

I was born-again on a Saturday morning after reading several books, The Hiding Place, Woman to Woman, and Prison to Praise. When I finished that last book around 6 a.m., I gave my heart to Jesus. I didn’t have a church or a mentor or a Bible study (although I’d been reading The Living Bible New Testament for a number of months). It was just me and Jesus that morning. I found a church and great studies and sound teaching in very short order, but right then it was just the two of us.

A week later, full of the joy of the Lord, I walked into a friend’s home one morning and saw that she’d been crying. I told her what had happened to me and that Jesus loved her. When I returned to her home after I got off work, she’d been born again, too.

Now if that doesn’t prove the Lord can use anybody, I don’t know what will. Sometimes it isn’t how much you know but how excited you are for God that He uses.

So good.

I’ve never felt so effective for God as I did in those clumsy, joyful days after I became a Christian (of course, I didn’t know it then – I was just living!)

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  1. Bill,

    Sorry to comment about this here – I’ve tried a couple times to e-mail you thru the “quotes” e-mail at Thinklings, and both attempts failed (I wasn’t sure how else to get in contact) – but I had a personal request to ask of you.

    Would you e-mail me at rpearce@brs-llc.com?

    If you’d rather not, that’s okay. Just let me know. And again, sorry to ask this here.



  2. Thanks for getting back with me, Bill. I sent a reply, but I’ve been alerted again that there’s a delay – the same thing that happened to me when I tried to get thru at Thinklings. It may kick back – although I’m not sure why; there’s no attachments or anything – and if so I’ll just try again when I get the message it failed.

    Once again, I appreciate it.

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