Worn out

I’m pretty tired. For a lot of good reasons; and I mean “good” in the literal sense. There are some very cool things going on, family-wise.

Not being a natural writer, I find myself struggling for words. Bottom line, though, I think it’s time I take another break from the wider blogosphere. I have a love-hate-love relationship with the thing: I write blog software, for crying out loud, so I’m an enabler for the hundreds dozen or so people who actually make use of my wares. I’ve been writing posts here and elsewhere for six years. And I read a lot of blogs. And therein lies the problem, I think . . . I’m worn out. I’m becoming a “Yes, but . . .” type of person when reading opinion. Some blogs I read eat at me. I feel out of sync, out of touch, and the law of diminishing returns is kicking in.

So, my plan is to take a break from most of the other blogs I read, for awhile. Sometime tonight I’m going to take another sweep through my blogroll and cull most of it. I’m going to try and just concentrate on what’s going on around here, and perhaps write a bit more, here. I’ve got lots to say, but, again, the catch is taking the time to say them, in writing.

Off to work!

P.S. For your listening pleasure, Andrew and Molly singing Grace upon Grace.

2 thoughts on “Worn out

  1. Hey Ma!

    Well, I’m not. Writing doesn’t flow for me – Even the simplest post on this humble little blog usually goes through about five revisions. I write what comes to mind, then re-read it and think “egad!”, then tweak, tweak, tweak.

    Plus, if I was a good writer more people than just my Mom would read my blog 🙂

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