Bloo and the Art of Shower Repair

In case any of my three readers wonder where I’ve been lately:

Life is good. And busy. Jill and I had the GAP class over on Sunday afternoon. That was great! And I’ve been working a lot on the third alpha build of Bloo (and I’m about to put out a call for alpha testers . . . finally). It’s a big one, with some neat features. More on that later.

And then there’s our shower. For background, there’s not a plumb line in our entire house. We love our house but also believe that the day they built it was “take your daughter to work day” and that the builder’s six-year-old progeny built certain parts of it (like the shower). I had to rip the shower apart recently due to a water leak – and this is a custom built shower with a cultured marble frame. I fixed the leak (in theory) but called in a glass company to re-install the shower glass, because I chickened out on doing that part. That was done today – woot! – but between wrestling with the shower, getting the yard looking like spring again, teaching and hanging out with the GAP class, and ongoing Bloo development, I haven’t been making much time to blog.

But all is well. God is good, always, and we’re enjoying His blessings.

I hope you are too.

4 thoughts on “Bloo and the Art of Shower Repair

  1. That’s cool 🙂

    I think you’re contractor’s daughter completed work on our house as well. This includes using plumbing fixtures and pipes that are no longer manufactured and have to be “discovered” somewhere by a plumber in order to fix something. yech.

  2. Bill,

    I might be interested in Bloo testing for my p-blog. But since my brain isn’t working these days, especially on the techie things, I’ll need a little help with the install and such. Game?

  3. I hear ya we sold our redone home, honestly top to bottom, and bought this one. Here we go again. New water heater as we speak. Blew up just as my husband arrived home late last night he was in need of a shower, he got a bird bath in the sink.

  4. Quaid and Milly – you have my sympathies – I’m sorry about the water heater – ugh!

    Jen – yes, I’d be interested in you testing for me (REALLY interested!). There are two primary features that I need to implement soon. One is some kind of rudimentary spam control. I am going to contact the SpamKarma guy about porting it, but in the meantime I think I’m going to try some sort of Kaptcha solution.

    The second one is a bit more egregious, although should be added in the fourth build (coming soon!) – it’s the ability to upload pictures, which you will definitely want.

    But I will be talking to you – because, yeah, I’m very game 🙂

    And I just released the third build – more on that in a bit. Lintefiniel theme is part of it 🙂

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