Exhausted but happy

One of the greatest things in life is a night of board game fun with friends old and new.

We were hard at it from 7:00pm till . . . whoa . . . 4:15am. It was a blast!

And now . . . to sleep, perchance to dream . . .

8 thoughts on “Exhausted but happy

  1. Kevo – heh!

    Quaid – well, we missed you guys, but we understood.

    SO many people showed up! After Trivia we did Balder/Taboo, then CatchPhrase, then we ended back up on the Name game and played 2 rounds of it till past 4. Crazy.

    It was so great seeing everyone.

  2. Man, Balder is so much fun!! I suck at coming up with clever definitions that people vote for en masse but the whole getting the correct answer 3 times in a row has to be some sort of record.

  3. whatever!!! i needed a good night of games so bad. thanks so much for that!! and the new game idea. the name game is so much fun. it was great seeing you!!

  4. Megan,

    I think you would have won if you hadn’t given Kevo that charity-vote on “Shaking/Shakura” 🙂

    It was great seeing you too – you have been greatly missed! 🙂

  5. so much fun!

    i’m so mad i left early…but i had to.


    oh, and thanks for the introduction to the COOLEST GAME EVER…the name game.

    i love it.

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