Extreme Home Makeover

Do you ever watch Extreme Home Makeover?

We watch it sometimes. I really like it – what a heartwarming show! And they are doing some real, if somewhat extravagant, good for people.

Tonight the show was about them building a home for a family who had lost their father. Their father was a pastor.

I was so impressed with the respect that Extreme Home Makeover gave to the faith of this family. It was beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Extreme Home Makeover

  1. It was so cool to hear folks call our local radio stations to tell them that they were going to help. Oklahoma felt blessed to have some wonderful people touch our lives. It was nice to see a show respect a belief in God.

  2. I haven’t seen Extreme Home Makeover but I have read about it and it sounds great. After the hurricane down here, they came a did a home on the coast! It was great!

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