“He wants us to break a sweat on our passage through this vale of tears”

I haven’t posted in a long time, on purpose. I had to think about why I was posting in the first place. What was I trying to achieve as a blogger? How was blogging helping, or hurting, God’s work through me?

I haven’t resolved all those questions, and I am still thinking and working through that. I am considering posting here again (partly because this blog is largely unread – heh).

I’m posting today because of a few quotes in this Walter Russell Meade article that I read this morning. Let this sink in.

God hates the quiet life, I think. He wants us to break a sweat on our passage through this vale of tears.

. . .

And finally, says the Holy Week story, God shares. He rides Hell’s roller coaster of personal, political and economic uncertainty with us. He knows the failure and the pain that comes with real life in a real world. He does not answer our questions about evil and suffering with a series of propositions. He answers us with a presence, his, in the middle of it all.

. . .

There is no guarantee that any of these questions will be answered in ways that we like. Those who expect doctors or politicians or scientists or economists or theologians to make the uncertainty go away are doomed to frustration.

. . .

We are not just living in interesting times; increasingly, these times look adventurous. Prepare yourselves, friends. God loves us with a fierce and terrible love, and he really, really thinks it’s time for us to grow.

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