Me and you and a blog named Bloo

I know, I know, you’re waiting with baited (bated?) breath for Bloo version 0.17. You are in a tizzy for the new functionality, the exciting new features, the start of the revolution in Blog Software! [Bill adopts a Darth Vader pose here, at the moment when Vader tells Luke “No. I am your Fathah”.]

. . .

[Bill snaps out of it, doing his best imitation of Keneau Reeves in Parenthood right after he says that great line “You need a license to catch a fish, but they’ll let any blankety blank blank be a father”] Whoa.

Perhaps you are wondering when I will put this code in the public domain so you can join in the efforts!

Actually, my guess is that you don’t care. 🙂 But I did want to let you know that I have been working on 0.17 in tiny time slices here and there. I’m excited about many of the changes, although most will, once again, be “behind the scenes”.

About releasing the code in the public domain: I guess I’m just trying to get a bit more completeness before doing so. For instance, I’ve decided to re-write the security module, because the current security is not very flexy. I have a design and even some coding done. I want to wait until that and a few more fundamentals are done before releasing.

Plus I want to setup a cool wiki too 🙂

Watch me for the changes . . .

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