Moleskine art

Do you use Moleskineâ„¢ notebooks? They’ve become somewhat of a fad in my immediate family. Me, my wife, and our eldest two walk around with our moleskines like we’re in some kind of secret society or something (it would be a society of people who blow money on really, really expensive notebooks).

Anyway, I found this site tonight: ‘skine art. It’s devoted to people who can do more with a notebook than just scratch illegible notes in it1. Some samples below.

Disclaimer: This is an art site so I can’t vouch that every picture scribbled therein is for family consumption.

Update: It appears the site has barriers in place against linking to its images, so I’ve removed the images below (which had blanked out anyway). You can check the site out here.

1 Unfortunately, that’s all I can do . . .

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