Oh yeah . . .

I have a blog!

There's a good reason why I haven't posted in a week.

And I'll let you know as soon as I think of it.

In the meantime:

Here's a picture of a monkey [hat tip, my post on Thinklings **]

Buffy-headed Marmoset

(this is a Buffy-headed Marmoset)

** and how pathetic is it that I'm cross-posting this?

Very. . .

5 thoughts on “Oh yeah . . .

  1. I haven't read your blog often, Mr. Bill.. but I'd think I'd like to jump on the bandwagon. I look up to you and have been inspired by some of your posts in the past. Consider me a reader!

  2. Ellen,

    Yes, indeed, it is a monkey. Would I be wrong? 🙂

    Riley – thanks! I've been a bit dry in the posting recently, but am trying to step it up again.

    It's awesome working on STOMP with you!

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