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I'm testing this now here on Out of the Bloo – will be releasing this as well to all my loyal alpha testers soon, after I've kicked the tires a bit.

The part you can't see: I'm composing this post in a Rich Text editor, rather than posting in html. I'm using the new RichTextPostEditor SnapOn that I've created, which is a wrapper to the excellent TinyMCE rich text editor.

The part you can see: You can get a taste of it yourself by commenting on this post (since I've also implemented it in the comments). So, if HTML isn't your bag, you can get those nifty editing features you're used to in your fav word processing software, right here on lil ol' Bloo!

Both the Post Rich Text editor and the Comments Rich Text editor are SnapOns (of course), so I can enable them or disable them at will.

Something else that I've added (this is for Phil at Brandywine Books) is the "More" functionality on posts, so that long posts can be shortened with a "Read the rest of this entry link", like so:

For those of you with an inner geek, you may remember that I've been doing a full refactor of Bloo. I actually put that effort aside (very temporarily!) so that I could enhance the alpha version. I figured I'd been keeping some of my alpha testers hanging a little too long. I will merge these changes into the new release candidate, which I hope to finish soon.

I'll be releasing this little enhancement version into the wild soon.

Watch me for the changes . . .

*** Update ***
I've updated the configuration so that it doesn't even try to load up in Safari. Even though it theoretically works in Safari, it doesn't work in all versions.

Mac users, you should use Camino anyway (ducking!)
*** Update ***
Since the normal BlooPostSpellChecker and BlooCommentSpellChecker SnapOns don't work with RichText controls, I've anabled the TinyMCE spellchecker plugin, which uses the googlespell XML service just like the BlooSpellCheckers do.

5 thoughts on “Rich text editor

  1. It doesn't work in Camino on the Mac, although I have an older version.This comment's being posted in Safari. Seems to work fine.***update*** – well, sort of. In Safari it doesn't know from linebreaks, so everything's smashed together. I may disable the SnapOn in unsupported browsers. 

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