The Mac is Back

Our venerable iMac G5 (from the early production run of late 2004) blew its mind two months ago. Since then I’ve had a crash course in replacing iMac logic boards. I use the plural because I’ve been through three of them while on this 60 day technological adventure.

Our original board developed a video ram problem. I ordered a replacement from some place in Cali, and the replacement had a . . . video ram problem. I got them to ship me another one. It had bulging capacitors (a common problem with early G5 boards). It worked for awhile but kept losing its mind whenever we put it to sleep, make undue noise, or breathed on it.

After some wrangling, I received a refund after shipping the deranged board back. Then I ordered a third board from another place. I was disappointed to find that it too has a couple of bulging capacitors (a mild case), but at this point, because a) it appears to be working and doesn’t lose its mind when we put it to sleep and b) beggars can’t be choosers, we’re going to try it for awhile.

I really only want another year out of this Mac before replacing it. Hopefully we’ll get there.

It’s good to have it back. I was getting really tired of using our Wind’ohs machine.

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