I have, on purpose, not been posting much these days. That will change, but I have made getting Bloo release-worthy my primary focus, rather than blogging.

On the Bloo front thing’s are good. I’ve been refactoring (that’s a nerd-term for “rewriting stuff that I wrote stupidly the first time”) and adding functionality. Applying naming conventions. Rewriting event handlers. Creating the Extensions administration module (I’m completely geeked out about this!). Trying to anticipate things that might come up and trying to make Bloo, as a whole, more understandable.

Release date – this week (sometime between February 28 – March 2, come heck or high water).

I’m also working with the magnificent Rob T to redo my sister’s business site. Ads Around Town. If you look at it anytime after Sunday, Feb 26, it will look different, and hopefully better.

Oh, and Sourceforge gave me a project page. Because they rule.

Hope your Sunday is fabulous!

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