Whew . . .

The beta version of Bloo is about to be released. I was originally just going to do some tweaks, but ended up adding quite a few new features and really concentrating on spam protection (since many of the Bloo alpha testers are being overrun by trackback spam now. Spammers are evil).

I have added some layers of protection here – including a new SnapOn spam filter that I'm trying out tonight. It's already nabbed some trackbacks (trackback spammers are the evil gnats on the backsides of the evil comment spammers.)

I hope to get back to regular posting too. This has just sort of consumed me.

Bloo is shaping up into a decent little blog software (if I do say so myself). Miles to go still, but the functionality is expanding.

I'll leave you with a great quote from Jared at BCC Is Broken:

The life of discipleship is not a perfectly upward trajectory. It's messy. It's bumpy. It's confusing. There's times of joy and times of pain. There are times we feel close to God and times we feel very far away from Him. There's times we are sure of our salvation and times we wonder how God could ever be interested in scumbags like us.

You can't lose your salvation, because you didn't win it in the first place. Jesus won it for you, and once you are in His hand, nothing can snatch you out (including yourself). The Bible says nothing can separate us from the love of God; not height nor depth nor angels nor demons nor the present nor the future, etc. When it says "nothing" can separate us, I assume it means nothing can separate us.

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