Well, this is odd

I’ll bet you’ve never been asked to be a pancake stacker in a pancake stacking contest to celebrate the opening of a new bank. Go figure.

Grand Prize: $1,000, to go to the organization I represent, which is the singles class Jill and I will soon be teaching. We just found out about this tonight.

The pressure’s on. I have to stack those pancakes higher than anyone else. Or my co-stacker, Justin, has to. There have to be two people on a team, but only one can touch the pancakes.

What a weird rule.

Justin hurt his back yesterday, pretty badly, and so he explained all this to me tonight on the pancake-stacking recruitment phone call while tripping on Vicadin. It’s not clear to me which one of us will actually be doing the stacking. Hopefully him, as he’s a chef in real life and thus should be the more food-friendly member of the team.


4 thoughts on “Well, this is odd

  1. Well, I was confused about the rules. I passed him pancakes and he stacked. So we both could touch the pancakes, but only one could stack.

    My part was easy 🙂

  2. My husabnd and I are going to stack pancakes August 25. How is the best way, straight up or staggering? Its for the Golden Retriever Rescue Society of North Texas. We need tips!! lo

  3. Well, I don’t remember our strategy although I think we went straight up. Move fast, but be careful.

    The guys who won the contest (we came in 2nd, if memory serves) cheated by keeping a finger on top of the stack in between new pancakes. I don’t know how they got away with it.

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