Worry Minds

Last week I posted my friend Jenny’s song Invisible Type. This week’s offering is a song with a much different sound – it’s called Worry Minds and it is Midi-driven, rather than accoustic as last week’s was. I love the lyrics. This song speaks of our worry and the ways we deal with it, and how Christ brings peace to us, like cooling water on our wildfires.

The song shifts midway into a midi instrumental, transforming the subdued and almost trudging feel (fitting for the lyrics) of the song’s beginning into a far more joyful and free melody that speaks of the freedom, peace and joy that Christ brings us. And even though it’s midi, somehow this works for me.

Click here to get the Worry Minds mp3.

(note: I figured the lyrics out by listening to it – Jenny sent me the lyrics to Invisible Type, but I didn’t want to bug her for these. Hopefully I got them right)

Worry Minds

Worry minds they always, they’re always at it

With a fist, with a grip so tight

And their biting fingernails

Darkness finds, yes it always, well it always finds them

Like a blanket wraps and their trapped

Backed into a corner

Drugs are kind but they always, they always leave them

With greed, they’re a state of need

Be it coffee or cocaine

You’re not blind no You always, You always see them

When they hide, when they’re lost, when they’ve lied

You always know better

You fall on them like water

You fall on their wildfires and ease their burning pain

And you poured out blood and water

You died for their wildfires and rose to breathe again

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