It seems to me that we are losing our mind as a country,  culturally, morally,  and politically. This seems like a bad thing, but in it there is a beam of hope. Maybe a veil is being lifted.

Allegiances are shaky things. Pledge your allegiance to the wrong thing and you will see your hopes dashed. It seems to me that we’re coming out of a three decade experiment in really getting things wrong,  allegiance-wise. We thought aligning ourselves with political power was the answer to what ails our land, but we were wrong. We went down to Egypt to make unholy alliances for our salvation, when Egypt was never equipped to save anyone.

We should never have tried bringing living water to our thirsty nation by drinking the poisoned cup of political idolatry.

The veil is being lifted. I’m once again seeing some of our Christian leaders kowtow to our self-proclaimed saviors but I’m not buying it. Not anymore.

I’m not buying what they are selling. I’m going to vote. But I’m not putting faith in that vote. A political party won’t save us. That’s something only God can do.

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