Things are good

An old friend commented on my last post and expressed some concern.

Good grief, I don’t know what was going on with me half a year ago… but good grief. Drama.

I’m doing a lot better. I know what spurred on the dark time from a circumstantial point of view

, but I am surprised at how dark I sound. I don’t remember feeling that down.

I’m really doing well. Better than I deserve.

(I also want to make a point that the ministry I lamented going away went away because of COVID. Not because of a moral failure or anything. We just really couldn’t meet on campus anymore – there were other leadership issues related to my lack of skill in leadership

I probably won’t post anymore here. I started a new blog. I’m not telling anyone where it is yet. It’s kind of just a place to write. People can stumble upon it serendipitously.

God bless you.